Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Apartment, LFW

I had the most unexpectedly lovely night this evening! Having been invited to the LFW Film Festival at St Martin's Courtyard in Covent Garden, I was already prepped for a lovely evening with the gorgeous lady, that is Tash. However, the weather was abysmal. I mean, it couldn't have been any worse for an outdoors screening event. We braved the gusts and the rain though, and walked our way down, hoping that by some chance that either a) the weather would have calmed down or b) they would have put up some kind of cover. On arrival however, there was literally no sign of set up at all. And it was unlikely that either Tash or myself would want to sit through the weather anyway.

We decided to walk further into Covent Garden, and ended up having a cheeky drink at Henry's Bar... if only to dry off a little. 

Our friend GG came to meet us as she'd spent some time at The Apartment (set up by the lovely Abimarvel), and very lucky for us, we got to take a look around too! The venue was absolutely stunning... and the main event was situated on the third floor.

Next had their own space which they had creatively filled with shoes, bags and accessories... if my utility room looked anything like this, I would be in absolute heaven!

They also had some of their homeware pieces decorating the main room... including their silver telephone which I've had an eye on for some time!

Next homeware pieces... make sure you try these! They smell DIVINE.

Personalised Apartment Water Bottles and Next's Classic Phone!

Pick 'n' Mix!

Beautiful Fashion Cupcakes... Such a treat!
Yummy cockatils and cupcakes were also on offer, and The Apartment was also hosting Little Black Dress and Three Floor Fashion. I met some really lovely people tonight, and of course, the cherry on the cake was meeting Ryan Gosling... what a handsome man he is!

My date for the evening... (Yeah, right!)

But truly, I had the best time with these girls... and altogether, what seemed to be a miserable affair actually turned out to be a wonderful night, so thank you!

Tash, Me and GG x
Have you been to any events to celebrate LFW this week? 


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